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Our Company: About is an ecommerce and marketing technology leader specializing in the creation, deployment and maintenance of easy to use merchant selling tools and cutting edge website marketing strategies. Every aspect of our ecommerce shopping cart and marketing solutions are designed with everyone from the client to the end user in mind.

With years of industry experience and a history of being an innovator, is capable of providing businesses of all sizes, budgets and experience levels with the power to reach their potential through the use of proven technology, methodology, services and support.

Company History was founded as, Inc., a privately held ecommerce software and technology firm that specializes in building simple to use solutions for ecommerce merchants, entrepreneurs and other Online sellers. Our corporate office headquarters are located within a campus-like environment, just outside of Seattle, in Redmond, WA.

At, we are proud of our past, present and future company heritage. For years, our corporate brand and subsidiaries have been preeminent in both the ecommerce and marketing industries, which includes a rich history of recognition in our field. Over the years, has evolved from a small software and marketing firm into a large corporation that currently services many thousands of clients and provides potential careers for over one hundred employees.

Today, continues to expand and grow within our niche. We are at a time when our unique service offerings and advanced technology are in high demand and see no end in sight to the potential of our evolution. As a result, we continue to remain dedicated to the success of our clients, partners, employees and our industry, without all of whom none of this would be possible.

Corporate Leadership was originally built based upon three core business aspects: our brand, our clients and our employees. Our leadership team is dedicated to serving the needs of the ecommerce and marketing industries now and in the future, ensuring we have the appropriate individuals and technology to successfully deliver on our commitments.

Company Board Of Directors

  • Gilbert Walker (Chairman)
  • Leif Alexander (Member)
  • Vicki Anderson (Member)
  • Matt Franklin (Member)
  • Glenn Jones (Member)
  • Stan Youngs (Member)

The executive leaders at consist of several experienced managers, all with proven track records of success, who are dedicated to delivering our company objectives by releasing the potential of our employees. With proven corporate leadership and the industry experience of our talented management team, we hope to maintain our goal of providing high-end ecommerce and marketing services while continuing to help our clients succeed. Through shared visions and goals, leadership continues to excel in meeting, and many times exceeding, the needs of our brand, clients and employees.

Corporate Brands

Our clients and partners have come to know as a company they can count on to provide seamless, simple, sophisticated ecommerce services and marketing solutions. By continuing to innovate in our industry and by paving the way for others in our field, will remain among the nation's top ecommerce technology brands.

Our corporate brands include, Inc. (formerly,, Inc. (subsidiary) and (subsidiary). technology and services are distributed and marketed throughout North America Online, through print, T.V. and radio. Although we are not yet operating globally, company officials are already taking the necessary steps, including the planning and preparation, needed to expand our brand into the international marketplace. We work extremely hard to maintain our brand, which is why we constantly strive to enhance our services and support our clients during each phase of the ecommerce website and Online marketing processes.

Corporate Culture goes to great lengths to maintain a corporate culture that encourages our employees, including executives and managers, to work hard, take initiative and be recognized for going above and beyond in their job duties. We employ talented, experienced individuals and strive to always provide them with the knowledge, power and technology needed to succeed with our company, and in life outside the office.

Our goal is to always provide a professional, fun, relaxed environment where things are constantly changing and people enjoy coming to work. We try to provide an atmosphere and culture that is friendly, courteous and free of traditional corporate stuffiness. The past and future success of our company can only be attributed to a corporate culture that shares a same goals within a structure that emphasizes on communication with clients and each other.

Quality Assurance

Each and every one of our employees, from management to laborers, have the responsibility of maintaining and improving the quality of our services and technology. At, we are dedicated to the development and deployment of high-end, high-quality ecommerce and marketing services which includes technology that either meets or exceeds our clients' expectations. We remain focused on our clients' satisfaction while continuing to learn, grow and improve internal processes along the way.'s commitment to ongoing improvement, by everyone involved in the company, allows us to provide the very best service and support possible. Through communication with clients and employee feedback we ensure that our staff members are armed and prepared with the proper knowledge, training and experience to understand and meet our clients' needs and expectations.

Send Us Feedback

We welcome, and greatly value, suggestions and ideas from our clients. Please feel free to send your feedback regarding our company and/or any of our services. You may also wish to help us better serve you and continue to improve by taking a few minutes to tell us about your experience with via our quick online survey.