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Our Company: Mission

The mission of is to become a leading worldwide pioneer within the ecommerce and Online marketing technology niche, providing a trusted and valued service to the clients we serve. Our company's main focus is to develop industry leading software and deliver high-end services with superior support through technology, experience, innovation and our commitment to understanding individual client needs. We believe that we have three major mission responsibilities: to our clients, to our employees and to our industry.

We take great pride in our ability to provide clients with the services and support they need to become successful in all their Online ventures. At we take our client's investment in us seriously. In turn, we pledge to provide the professional level of service our clients have come to expect based on that investment. We realize that it's tough to be perfect in business, however we are constantly working to do better in all that we do and pledge to always strive to improve the level of service and support we offer.

Mission Purpose's mission purpose is to help our clients, and the community as a whole, to blossom, grow and evolve using leading technologies that follow current industry best practices while maintaining the quality and overall value of our brands and services.

Company Vision

Our company vision is to develop and deliver high-quality services and superior support to ecommerce sellers and merchant marketers. Beyond that, we hope to create the most user-friendly, robust, scalable, results driven ecommerce shopping cart software and Online marketing solutions available to Internet business professionals.

We envision a new ecommerce world where merchants and shoppers unite with our powerful tools to help raise the bar within industry standards. We envision software and tools that are seamlessly integrated, easy to use and deliver results in an efficient, effective manner. We hope to bridge the gap between these two worlds in order to spark industry growth, merchant awareness and to ease shoppers' minds when purchasing Online. At, our visions are clear, and we will not stop working towards them until it is equally as clear that we have accomplished each and every one of our goals.

Corporate Values

Every individual at, from our leadership team to our employees, are guided by our corporate values. Since day one, we have implemented and practiced these values, and many more, in an effort to create and build long-term relationships with our clients, partners, employees, our industry and the communities we serve. In doing so, we hope to make our clients' firm of choice, our partners' provider of choice, our employees' workplace of choice and our industries' professional of choice.

The following values are designed to guide how those of us at conduct business, because we know that our clients, partners, employees, industry professionals and communities expect to meet or exceed the high-standards of each individuals needs and expectations. These values are present at all times in our logo and are represented by the three "i's" to the left of our brand name.

Integrity practices integrity in everything we set out to accomplish. This principle is one of the most important core values we practice every day. Without our ethics, trust, fairness and accountability, we wouldn't be able to accomplish the visions and challenges we have set in place. We pledge to always treat our clients, employees and corporate resources, including partners and our industry, with the fairness and respect they each deserve.

At our company-wide commitment to integrity is considered a cornerstone of our past, present and future success. Our integrity is what drives our dedication and motivation to constantly uphold ourselves to the highest standards of industry conduct.

Innovation is an innovator in many ways. Our staff continues to develop innovative ideas on a daily basis, not only for our services and technology, but also for client processes, sales processes and other internal processes. We strive to be creative in delivering value and pledge to continue working extremely hard towards understanding our clients, partners, employees, industry and the communities we serve.

At, we hope to redefine the way ecommerce sellers conduct business, from the technology platform they use, to attracting and retaining customers through powerful marketing tools. Without innovation, creativity, passion and desire this cannot be accomplished. Our innovation allows us to anticipate client needs, create new solutions, improve technology or services, know our clients and helps to refine nearly every company process so that we can focus more on individual client needs.


Why reinvent the wheel? Without strategic partnerships and the ability to integrate with some of the brightest, most trusted, reliable companies and services currently available, we wouldn't be where we are today. For this reason, we greatly value our integration and technology partners and pledge to continue building current relationships while striving to make new ones. Our partners allow us to utilize and seamlessly integrate with many popular third-party services, which in turn, allows our clients to reap all the benefits.

At, we are dedicated to pursuing and building new corporate partnerships in an effort to improve the services and technology offered to our clients. Our partners allow us to improve technology, improve communications, improve service aspects and much more so we can truly offer our clients the very best technology and services available.

Mission Goals

The following mission goals are meant to briefly describe many of our core values.

  • To be the very best technology and services firm we can each and every day.
  • To act professionally with our clients, partners, employees, industry and community.
  • To always be honest, fair, just and consistent in our decisions and actions.
  • To trust in our clients, partners and ourselves while striving to enhance their trust.
  • To satisfy each of our clients to the best of our ability during each aspect of service.
  • To attract new clients through new promotions while striving to retain existing clients.
  • To always communicate effectively and work with clients to ensure understanding.
  • To respect those around us and to operate with an open-mind so we can all learn.
  • To embrace new technology and value others who are eager to explore or question.
  • To always attempt to go the extra mile in what we do and for what we believe in.
  • To enjoy doing what we do and strive to maintain a fun, relaxed work environment.

Many techology companies have similar visions, values and goals. Very few actually follow and execute these mission statements. At, our corporate mission goals are more than just words, they are an integral part of our brand and culture.

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We welcome, and greatly value, suggestions and ideas from our clients. Please feel free to send your feedback regarding our company and/or any of our services. You may also wish to help us better serve you and continue to improve by taking a few minutes to tell us about your experience with via our quick online survey.