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Today's ecommerce and marketing technology industries demand integrated, flexible solutions. At this time, no single company is able to deliver all that is necessary to fulfill this demand. Through's strategic industry partnerships you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible total ecommerce and marketing solution comprised of our industry leading technology and services along with the technology and services offered by our integration partners.

Integration Partner Details

A detailed list of some partners we integrate with.

  • Easy Google Integration

Google Services


Google is most well known for their powerful search engine and search technology. Google's web search is currently the most recognized, used and talked about engine in existence. In addition to searching, Google offers several other web-based services, applications and technologies ranging from video and maps to email and even their own news site.

We realize how useful, functional and necessary it is for today's webmaster to utilize the very best technology and tools offered by industry leading third-parties, including Google. For this reason, we offer our clients the ability to easy integrate their ecommerce website with many of Google's most popular services including Checkout, Product Search, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Blog Search and more.

  • Easy Yahoo Integration

Yahoo Services


Yahoo powers one of the most popular, most used web portals available today. They are also one of the largest web-based email service providers in existence. In addition, the company provides a variety of other services designed to cater to most online activities. Yahoo is a global provider, available in over 20 different languages. Some of their services include content partnerships, mobile products, small business services, advertising and more.

At, we know how important it is for our clients to have access to popular services offered by third-parties. That is why we offer clients the ability to easily integrate our services with some of the most popular Yahoo powered services including Shopping Search, Local Search, Site Explorer, Delicious and more to come in the future.

  • Easy MSN/ Integration

Microsoft Services


Microsoft provides two of the largest service networks in the world, MSN and Their networks feature services such as the IE operating system, their own web portal, Internet service, email and instant messenger service, Windows Live and many more across the globe.

We understand how important it is to our clients, and their success, to have the ability to integrate their own website and products in with other industry leading products and services, uncluding those powered by Microsoft or their network partners. With, our clients can quickly and simply integrate with popular Microsoft services including MSN Shopping, Live Search Products, Live Search Local, Live Webmaster Center, Live Search Feeds and more.

  • Easy Integration Services, formerly Ask Jeeves, is considered the fourth largest search engine in the world. They own and operate a variety of sites including Teoma, Excite, MyWay, iWon and Bloglines with a combined traffic estimate that easily puts within the top ten visited search sites/networks in existence. services include their general web search, business search (Ask City), Ask Kids, images, blogs and more, like Ask Eraser.

We take pride in partnerships with top search and vertical search providers. That's why clients currently have the ability to integrate easily with popular services such as simple sitemap inclusion and sitemap autodiscovery, Ask Business search, feed integration and more to come.

  • Easy USPS Integration

USPS Services


USPS is an independent agency of the US government responsible for providing postal/mail services within the United States. USPS is one of several postal providers that currently provides packaging, freight delivery and related services.

As part of our eCommerce solutions, we know that order fulfillment and partnerships with the most popular postal providers is essential to the success of our clients. Because of this, offers clients the ability to easily implement USPS postage and delivery services into their own online store order processes. Now Visible clients can easily calculate shipping costs, time of delivery and information to track orders during shipment. Our integration solution with USPS utilizes and makes use of their excellent API and documentation.

  • Easy UPS Integration

UPS Services


UPS, short for United Parcel Service, is one of the worlds oldest and largest package delivery companies. Currently, UPS is estimated to deliver roughly 15 milion packages a day, to over 6 million customers in over 200 different countries worldwide. In addition to ground transportation services and several stores that allow customers to package, ship and copy documents, UPS also has one of the best airline package delivery services.

Order fulfillment and reliable methods to ship and track shipments is one of the most important aspects of selling Online, and we know this. That's why current clients have the ability to utilize the technology and tools offered through our automated API partnership with UPS.

  • Easy Integration

Authorize Services, now a Cybersource company, is one of the most recognized Online payment and gateway service providers in the world. They allow ecommerce merchants to accept credit card payments through their payment gateway. Currently, services over 200,000 merchant worldwide making them one of the largest providers in existence.'s service goes hand in hand with the seller's merchant account, giving them the ability to accept payments and process those payments, to then be deposited into a bank account of choice. concentrates on partnering with the biggest and best providers in the industry. That's why we allow our merchants the ability to seemlessly integrate with and many of their most popular, widely used merchant services.

  • Easy VeriSign Integration

VeriSign Services


VeriSign offers an wide variety of Online security and telecom services including digital security certificates, payment processing, managed firewalls and much more. VeriSign's payment processing service is now owned and operated by eBay, since the acquisition in 2005 and was previously owned by Network Solutions, Great Domains and more. Around May 2006, VeriSign acquired GeoTrust, an addition to their security certificate and monitoring service.

As one of the largest providers of digital security and payment processing, is proud to offer clients the ability to easily integrate with VeriSign's payment processing and merchant account services. Now clients have the ability to easily accept payments and display store security badges.

  • Easy PSiGate Integration

PSiGate Services


PSiGate is a merchant provider of several different services including merchant accounts, payment gateway, fraud tools, reporting and much more. They are basically a one stop provider for merchants interested in accepting, processing and tracking payments accepted within the US and Canada. PSiGate is newer to the merchant services business, but so far has been able to demonstrate an excellent track record, including many strategic partnerships within the ecommerce and payment services industry.

We at realize how important different options are to our clients. That's why we offer them with the ability to choose from popular merchant account and payment processing providers, such as PSiGate, for all their payment needs.

  • Easy PayPal Integration

PayPal Services


PayPal is owned and operated by eBay and is best known for their web-based payment collection and money transfering services. They were the first company to offer an alternative to traditional payment methods such as checks, money orders and wire transfers and they are currently one of the only payment alternatives to traditional merchant accounts. PayPal is a premium provider of payment services for ecommerce merchants, auction sellers and corporate users for which a fee is charged.

Our partnership with PayPal allows our clients to offer an excellent alternate payment method for purchases made through their ecommerce storefronts. We are proud to offer our ecommerce clients easy, seemless integration with one of the most well known providers in existence.

  • Easy eBay Integration

eBay Services


eBay is an Online auction and shopping marketplace where individuals can buy and sell goods or services throughut the world. Major sellers on eBay include products such as collectibles, appliances, electronics, furniture and even autos. In addition to their main marketplace business, eBay also owns several other companies including PayPal and Skype.

We realize how powerful the eBay marketinplace can be, that's why we offer our clients the ability to quickly and easily integrate their entire product catalog with eBay and many of their most popular selling tools. It's important to partner with and utilize helpful thrid-party tools such as the ones eBay offers. is proud to accept merchants who wish to expand their business into the eBay marketplace.

  • Easy Shopzilla Integration

Shopzilla Services


Shopzilla is a comparison shopping engine that allows Online shoppers to find, compare and purchase tangible goods, sold by virtually anyone, anywhere. Shopzilla also ownes and operates the popular product review engine BizRate, where they collect millions of consumer reviews of Online stores and products. Shopzilla inclusion is on a pay per click basis, where merchants are charged based on their clicks for each listing within the engine. Shopzilla has a powerful databse of products and is one of the most popular, most visited shopping site in existence. is a big advocate of channel marketing within comparison shopping engines, that's why we are proud to offer our clients the ability to easily integrate with Shopzilla's service.

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