Abigail’s Herbals is a family owned and operated business which aims to target baby boomers of all eras. We believe that prevention is the best and only cure! Our purpose is to provide wellness choices through the availability of natural and organic herbal products at the lowest possible prices. We are dedicated to helping our customers live a life of joy and vibrant health by enjoying nature’s curative resources, no matter what age they live to become. Our mission is to show others how to avoid the usual degenerative course of aging; (no wheelchairs, walkers or confinement to a bed), through providing a lifestyle of extraordinary health and wellness!

At Abigailsherbals.com, all of our herbal products are 100% natural, organic and obtained through fair trade methods. Our botanical herbs have no additives, no preservatives and no dangerous chemicals or toxic metals. Our products consist of ayurvedics, herbs for cooking, herbs for teas and infusions as well as essential oils for aromatherapy and relaxation. Our alternative botanicals come from a variety of countries from around the world and are hand selected with the very best of care.

Finally, our alternative herbal products are unique from others. We promote a multi-dimensional healthy herbal experience which engages the senses in a full range of herbal healing experiences. Mind, body and soul work together, resulting in a rich and wholesome synergistic union! All of Abigail’s Herbals featured botanicals are soothing to the touch, fragrant to smell, visually appealing and delectable to taste. Each and every customer is special to us and every individual who seeks the wisdom to improve the quality of their lives will be rewarded with the very best service we have to offer.