Many of us find that we spend an enormous amount of time sitting at a desk in front of our computers. This mode of working is great for communicating with the world and is typically productive, but often times our personal health and well being can be affected. We need to listen to our bodies and give them a break when needed. Grabbing a dance hoop and giving it a whirl gets your metabolism going and gives you extra energy to help complete your day.

Hoop dancing, or hooping, is a fun cardio and core strengthening exercise routine or workout suitable for all ages. Help to boost your metabolism by hooping 10 minutes a day, while benefiting your entire body. Fitness Dance Hoops has a variety of hula hoops in a variety of fabulous colors and sizes that are sure to fit your personal style. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out Dance Fusion, an instructional DVD we offer to get you started with your workout or routine. We take pride in offering products that are priced competitively and hoop material that is made to last — PSI of 160.

Dance hoops remind us of the traditional hula hoops we had as children. The main difference is that these hoops are bigger in size and weigh about 2 lbs. Our products are ideal for adults and children, especially those looking to get into an exercise program without spending a huge amount of money, while still being able to experience a fun and results orientated workout. In addition, dance hoops are perfect gifts for friends and family, or you may wish to get together with loved ones to create a fun atmosphere while continuing to promote healthy living.