MyOklahome is owned and operated by realtor Eric Richardson. Our overall goal is to provide website visitors and real estate clients a single central destination to locate not only the latest home design tips and Oklahoma neighborhood sales trends, but also features an educational resource section to help home owners make important decisions when buying or selling a home. The vision for our site,, is to appeal to any and all residents of Oklahoma no matter whether they’re looking to buy or sell their first home or they’re a seasoned real estate buying or selling pro. MyOklahome is here to serve as THE central hub online for anything and everything Oklahoma real estate.

Typically, our demographic includes home buyers and sellers looking to purchase real estate or properties in the $200,000 to $500,000 range within the central Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas including Edmond, Yukon, Guthrie and Northwest Oklahoma City. There are many benefits to the services provided by MyOklahome including continual open communication with clients regarding all facets of the home buying or selling process. Our website and personal emails serve as a constant line of contact so that clients can reach our real estate professionals 24×7.

My service to my clients is my biggest asset and my share of honesty in my opinion of helping my buyers and sellers make the best decision regarding their home needs. By Founder Eric Richardson

The MyOklahome approach to real estate is different because of the way that we are able to use technology to our benefit. We know that today’s buyers and sellers are constantly using the Internet, websites, email and instant messenger to communicate throughout their daily lives. We try to make those very same methods available in our communication as well, unlike other real estate agents that often live and work on their cell phones. That is why we try to work like our clients work and we do this because we know tomorrow’s buyers and sellers are becoming more technical savvy, not less.