The main goal in launching has been to create a legacy for our children and grandchildren to be proud of and take part in as they mature in life. We strive to bring fun and entertainment to those who purchase from us, and we encourage feedback from each and every one of them. At Skipsand Video Games, we want to find out exactly what it is our shoppers are looking for from today’s video games, accessories and gaming systems. Even though we may not always be able to get the items they request, we will certainly try and let them know if whether we can or can’t. Quite simply, want to be accessible to our shoppers and customers…to provide the “& More”, as stated in our website name.

The products featured on are some of our most popular game bundles and gaming accessories available. Each item is meant to show the variety these systems can afford families. From games for young children and adults to fitness games and nearly anything in between! These game consoles and systems can connect you to friends or family and even other gamers around the world! Our pricing is one of the most competitive on the web and our selection changes often, as new supplies or accessories become available. In addition, we check with our distributors several times per week for updated prices, new, discontinued and out-of-stock items.

The uniqueness of the website lies in the fact that we encourage feedback and communication from our customers! Although we can’t always guarantee we can get a certain item, we will do our best to find it and will keep our valued customers informed. We are not a large company or corporation, and as such, may not be as inexpensively priced, but may be able to services the “other guys” can’t. We want to be your number one “more” store for video games, gaming consoles and gamer accessories”!