Treddsonline was founded with the intent of providing a complete line of household and garden products at a reasonable price to today’s informed consumer. In today’s economy the consumer needs to get the best value for money with as little hassle and stress as possible. Shopping online at a superstore allows them to get everything in one place without leaving their home.

At treddsonline we pride ourself on customer service. We try to ensure that the customer always leaves feeling satisfied and feel confident that when the need arises this customer will return since their shopping experience was so effortless and rewarding. The products available are reasonably priced to suit the challenging economic climate. You receive an excellent product that is packaged and shipped right to your doorstep.

The inventory is varied and includes home decor and garden decor products, toys, sports memorabilia, household and bath & body products just to name a few. It is a one stop shopping experience that will leave you satisfied and wanting more. The vision is to grow into a multi-leveled website with a well planned inventory to catour to consumers of all ages. Electronics, jewelry and art are planned for the next phase and we look forward to introducing these exciting new products in the coming weeks.