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The website entry marketing program is ideal for business owners who are limited by their current website service or provider. The website features, software technology and services are specifically designed to meet the needs of these clients, meaning that everything from the platform, design, tools and additional functions are perfect for site owners who wish to get started on a more flexible, search engine friendly platform with fewer limitations. If your current website is not limited, please consider purchasing one of our other marketing programs.

Website Entry Program (Must Qualify)
Feature Name Feature Description
Qualifications Inquire with one of our expert service consultants about whether you meet our qualifications.
Entry Level Cart Feature rich entry level shopping cart system to collect payment information and allow checkout.
Entry Level Homepage Attractive entry level homepage design to match your store theme, layout, brands and products.
Basic Text Logo Professional basic text logo design to match your entry level store brand, theme and products.
Live Technical Training Comes with all the technical training and support needed to get up and running quickly.
Point-N-Click Software Use our software without prior technical experience or the need to know website programming.
Search Friendly URLs Utilizes search engine friendly URLs for easy search engine crawler, user and link identification.
Accept Payments Integrate any of our supported merchant gateways, PayPal or Google Checkout for faster processing.
Meta Tags Ideal for entry level websites, includes creation and installation of homepage meta tags only.
Site Submissions Regular website submissions of main homepage URL and any program services submissions.
Submission Reports Submission tracking reports that outline the places we submit your website and when (upon request).
Dynamic HTML Sitemaps Creates and auto updates HTML sitemaps to be included within the theme as changes are made.
Choose Your Storefront View and choose from our demonstration storefronts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (no custom changes).
Discount Upgrades Receive discounts on the latest software upgrades or features for the life of the package.

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