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The premium marketing program is ideal for small to medium sized business owners that currently have a newer website online. The program features, technology and level of service are specifically designed to meet the needs of these clients, meaning that everything from the website analysis, number of pages optimized and additional features are perfect for intermediate site owners. If the specific features and level of service outlined below do not meet your needs, you may consider purchasing a more, or less, aggressive program.

Premium Marketing Program
Feature Name Feature Description
Homepage Analysis Simple homepage analysis to look for factors that can be improved or may be holding you back.
Site Submissions Regular website submissions of main homepage URL and any program services submissions.
Meta Tags Ideal for newer websites, includes up to 1 page of meta tags, depending on any limitations.
Keyword Pages Ideal for newer websites, includes up to 1 set of keywords, depending on any limitations.
Live Support Simple technical support, advice and training for the specific program and features purchased.
Homepage Submission Regular submissions of main URL or website homepage to popular search engines and cralwers.
Site Maintenance Maintenance updates for HTML sitemap and program features such as meta tags or keywords.
Submission Reports Submission tracking reports that outline the places we submit your website and when (upon request).
Ranking Reports Detailed data and statistics about the keywords you rank on within top search results (upon request).
Directory Submission One time submissions of main URL or website homepage to popular web directories or category lists.
Competitor Research Strategic research to locate competitors within your niche in an effort to see what works for them.
Program Upgrades Receive discounts on program upgrades including any upgrades from marketing to ecommerce services.

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