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The spotlight media bundle is ideal for small to medium sized website businesses looking to utilize the power of online media within their current marketing strategy. Spotlight video bundle features and services are specifically designed to meet the needs of these clients, meaning that everything from the level of production, video concepts, script and media features are perfect for companies who want professionally produced online video ads or commercials that meet current marketing budgets and website needs.

Spotlight Media Bundle
Feature Name Feature Description
Up To 5 Products Ideal for business owners looking to spotlight and promote up to 5 products or item categories.
Template Production Professional motion graphics production using industry leading software, tools and equipment.
Video Script Editing Editing of video storyboard and script template to match the concept theme, brands and products.
Matching Logo/Colors Uses website or company name in text format and template colors to match the business brand.
30 Sec. Spotlight Business spotlight concept with a total run time of 30 seconds including video intro and outro.
Stock Video Music Includes royalty free background music to enhance the video appeal and level of media production.
Template Video F/X Professional template video effects (F/X) to enhance and compliment the concept and business brand.
Video Distribution One-time distribution of video content to popular video syndication, sharing and directory sites.
Search Friendly Video Video comment and description information that can easily be read and indexed by search engines.

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