On November 12, 2008, the Washington Attorney General filed an action against The essence of the Washington Attorney General’s allegations is that’s methods and products do not work in the way they are represented.

We feel the Washington Attorney General’s allegations are misinformed at best. The same methods uses and the products it has developed are based upon the practices recommended by Google in their Webmaster Guidelines. With all due respect to the Washington Attorney General, we believe that Google, and other search engines, understand search engine optimization and website marketing far better than the Washington Attorney General.

In fact, we feel so confident that our products and methods work that we offered to have a neutral industry expert selected by the Washington Attorney General make an independent determination of whether the allegations against are correct after being given unfettered access to’s business, records and software. We are disappointed that the Washington Attorney General has thus far ignored this offer and instead has filed an action based on speculation and innuendo, some of which has come from’s competitors. In deciding to litigate rather than take us up on our offer, the Washington Attorney General is disregarding the scores of satisfied customers who have taken it upon themselves to write and send us emails complementing on its outstanding customer service and products.

Although the Washington Attorney General has expressed no interest in hearing from our happy and satisfied customers, or in having an independent expert analysis of our products and methods, is willing to share the positive feedback it has received from its customers with any media outlet that requests it.

We feel confident that we will prevail in this action and look forward to the opportunity to prove to the Court that our methods and products are just as good as we say they are.

Warmest regards,

Gilbert Walker, President

Official Company Update: Is Back To Doing What It Does Best (Posted on July, 13th 2010)